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Our Mission

" To provide inclusive and unique learning facilities and experiences, that offer early opportunities for children and families to learn and grow- bringing out children's unique, inner potential, and supporting families to provide the best possible start in life"


We are, and will continue to facilitate an enriched and challenging environment that promotes the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This will enable families to gain knowledge and learn strategies that will support their child's development (in all 7 areas), leading to better outcomes for children.

Our facilities include, "age and stage" appropriate rooms and equipment, for children ages 0 to 5 years (children up to the age of 7 are welcome!) including, individual sensory rooms, baby rooms, and messy rooms. We also have a large playroom with a construction area, role-play, home corner, reading area, and soft play frame to promote physical development. 

Our services provide a bridge between supporting the community and Early Years settings. It will create a consistent approach to how we can support children's development and well being, and encourage positive communications. We aim to empower and guide parents and carers to gain knowledge and build confidence around the EYFS to enable them to support their children's learning and development, and manage the challenges in which parenting can bring. 

We will work with outside agencies, including the local authorities, by communicating effectively and attending network meetings to gain insight as to what subjects and objectives are on the local authorities agenda, regarding children and family services. We then support those objectives by implementing appropriate strategies and learning opportunities into our teaching and learning play sessions. We recognise that early years intervention is the key to supporting families in need. We will signpost families to additional areas of support regarding, mental health and well being, and healthy lifestyles. 

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