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Story-time Special

"Story time special" sessions are intended to encourage children to open their minds to the magical discovery of symbolic meaning. It is here where the imagination has no means to an end.

This session is unavailable at the moment!

Session details

Sessions are for children of all ages, 0-7, and will take place with our lead teachers, Danielle and Kirstie every Tuesday morning at 11:15am-12:45pm (session 2). The session includes 20 minutes adult-led story activities and 70 minutes of child-led exploration of our facilities.

Sessions will be adapted each week to engage children's interests and to incorporate further opportunities for children to learn through play.

 What this supports:

  • Speech and language development

  • Literacy and language development

  • Personal social and emotional development

  • expressive arts and design

  • Understanding of the world

  • Mathematics and problem solving

  • Montessori approach

Positive impacts:

  • Improves concentration 

  • Improves writing skills

  • Helps children to develop empathy

  • Develops the imagination

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