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About Us

Inside Out is a partnership, family run business with a passion for Early Years Education. We recognise that the main challenges and boundaries preventing providers, families and children to grow consist of; maintaining a consistent approach to children's learning and education, limited funds and support, lack of communications between services and outside agencies available, and limited information parents have access to regarding the EYFS.


Danielle Louise has a wealth of knowledge and has achieved a foundation degree in Early Years Practice. She has experienced working with families and children and has worked in the sector for over 20 years, managing nursery settings and liaising with Ofsted and local authorities throughout her experiences. These experiences have had an impact on her both personally and professionally and have enabled her to recognise and understand the challenges and boundaries that prevent providers, families, and children to grow and learn, sadly effecting outcomes for children and families.

Neil is a qualified gas engineer and plumber who has experience running a business for over fifteen years. He has a skill set that has transformed our premises, creating a warm, calm and inviting environment, turning it into what it is today. He is passionate about working with families and children, and is currently working towards a level 3 qualification in Early Years.

Both Danielle Louise and Neil come from large family backgrounds and have had similar personal experiences including, supporting children with disabilities and special educational needs. They both have different qualities, and share the same passion and morals, believing that the early years of a child's life shapes them into who they will become later on in life.

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